„Running for Leukaemia“
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„Leukaemia must become curable. Always and for everyone..“

(Jose Carreras)
Deutsche José Carreras Leukämie-Stiftung e. V.
José Carreras Cord Blood Bank
Our concern

Since 1995, famous tenor José Carreras has held a grand annual charity gala event which is broadcast on television and invites guests and viewers to an emotional evening dedicated to people with leukaemia. National and international stars support José Carreras in his quest.

'Leukaemia must become curable. Always and for everyone.'

Unforgettably moving patient stories were presented in previous shows, proving just how important it is to promote research and development in this field.

We are on side

Team Ruhrwalze is made up of a few keen runners who want to make a small contribution to this cause. For this, we are looking for sponsors!

Within the framework of our training programme and competitions, we aim to run at least 3,000 km per year.

When we told our friends that we were planning to make a small donation for every kilometre we ran, we spontaneously received some support that gave us the courage to aim even higher.

This is why we are looking for sponsors who, for every kilometre we run during training and competitions, are willing to make

a donation of at least 1 cent (more is, of course, always welcome, since any amount counts)

to the José Carreras Foundation

Would you like to help? 1 cent per kilometre in the planned running programme means approximately 30 Euros per sponsor. Together, we can make this drop in the ocean a little bigger. Perhaps we can make a small contribution to ensuring that rather than drying up, this drop can actually make something happen.

Simply register online at 'I want to help' and send the support pledge.

I will collect all the pledges and will send out an annual update on our progress via the navigation bar and email.

Supported by:
Train Consult Peter Gross
GEFRO macht glücklich
28 plegdes are actual 74 cents each kilometer in sum.
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